Friends, I talk with business leaders and Heliospectra customers around the world each day about the flavor, quality and retail appeal of their tomatoes, herbs and leafy greens. It is a privilege to work with growers, technology experts and operations teams to produce what is best.

Snacking tomatoes, traditional slicers and rounds, specialty varieties and on-the-vine crops continue to open new market opportunities. Businesses also continue to move field farming indoors, increasing their investment in greenhouses and other controlled environment structures in pursuit of consistent, year-round yields.

Lighting, whether natural daylight or supplemental, is essential to ensure perfect growing conditions and achieve consistent production results 365 days a year.

Produce what’s best for your business

  • The ability to control and optimize your growing environments improves crop quality, flavor profiles and appearance. Resources are used more efficiently.
  • Controlling consistency and standardization also benefits your business models and profitability.
  • You can consistently and more accurately forecast production and yields using proven control technologies and supplemental lighting solutions.
  • These predictable and repeatable forecasts open new opportunities to command higher prices and accelerate harvest cycles, ultimately returning more dollars back to your business.

Produce what’s best for your plants and your facilities

  • Heliospectra also recognizes the significant investment you’ve made in your plants and production environments to ensure plant health and performance throughout the entire growth cycle.
  • As businesses evaluate new lighting solutions and technologies, Heliospectra works closely with growers to ensure wise investments, seamless operations and complete customer satisfaction.
  • We understand that you want to create consistent, time efficient processes so that your employees focus their energy and attention where it matters most — growing your business and your success.

Produce what’s best for your customers and our future

  • Consistently delivering fresh, flavorful and nutritious tomatoes to your customers and communities builds trust.
  • This trust is also critical to sharing knowledge and building relationships across our industry.

I look forward to cultivating the future of food with you!