Compiled by Cassie Neiden
Variety photos courtesy of respective breeders

Bayhorse Gold

This 15 to 20-pound variety provides intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Bayhorse Gold showcases uniform, slightly elevated fruit with strikingly gorgeous, very dark orange coloration and elongated black handles. For more:

Flaminio Squash

Flaminio is a higher-yielding Costata squash type. Medium to dark green with flecking; ridges are a lighter green. Plants have full bush habit, but are more manageable with moderate spines and less sprawling. Flaminio out-yielded the OP strain and other hybrid Costata types in our trials. Large, attractive male and female blossoms are ideal for edible flowers. Fruits are best when picked at 6 to 8-inch length.

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Hulk is a large, barrel-shaped pumpkin with very dark orange color and a large, dark embedded handle. It is fairly early maturing and has the ability to set several large uniform fruit per plant. This new variety is sure to please growers as well as the most discerning children in the pumpkin patch.

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Butterscotch PMR

Butterscotch is a delicious, single-serving, mini-butternut squash. Its unusually rich and sweet flavor is due to a higher sugar content than other butternut types. Small, 1 to 2-pound fruits mature early and can be consumed at maturity. All-America Selections (AAS) Winner.

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Bisbee Gold

A next-generation variety with gorgeous dark orange, 6 to 7-pound fruit and jet black handle. It features tremendously refined ribbing and high resistance to powdery mildew.

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Blaze Pumpkin

Sturdy, short vine plants have excellent powdery mildew resistance and produce very high yields of 3-pound x 7-inch diameter x 3.5-inch tall fruits with exceptional uniformity in shape and size.

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