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Photo courtesy of Mucci Farms

Mucci Farms announces two-year expansion plan

Over the next 24 months, Mucci Farms will add 200-plus acres of production space in Ontario, Canada and Huron, Ohio, according to a press release.

The exact breakdown of the 206 acres that will be added between the two sites is as follows:

  • 25 acres of tomatoes on-the-vine in Huron, Ohio, the third and final phase of the 75-acre project.
  • 30 acres of multiple varieties of bell peppers in Kingsville.
  • 36 acres of Smuccies Sweet strawberries in Kingsville, doubling the current acreage.
  • 15 acres of mini-cocktail cucumbers, branded as the award-winning CuteCumber Poppers.
  • 100 acres of multiple varieties of bell peppers at a new site in Kingsville with construction beginning in 2022.

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Photo courtesy of AppHarvest

Kentucky-based AppHarvest to go public

The gigantic greenhouse produce grower based in Morehead says that it is combining with Novus Capital in order to go public. Current AppHarvest CEO will be in charge of the joint venture, and shares in the company will initially sell for $10 a share with a $1 billion pro forma equity value. The transaction will also provide $475 million of gross proceeds. AppHarvest plans to undertake its first crop harvest in the new facility during the beginning of 2021.

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Photo courtesy of Red Sun Farms

Red Sun Farms begins use of supplemental lighting in Ontario

Red Sun Farms, a greenhouse produce grower in Ontario, Canada, is undergoing several projects to offer year-round supply. The projects include a 27-acre facility with partial lighting — allowing for a longer growing season for specialty tomato production, a 42-acre greenhouse dedicated to year-round organic and conventional crops and a third facility of undisclosed size that will feature first of its kind LED technology that reportedly recreates and modulates the full spectrum of the sun’s natural light.

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