Photo courtesy of Agrivolution

Agrivolution Super Slim Full-Spectrum Triple-Band LED

Do your crops need a boost of light? Look no further. Triple-Band LED Flatbar is a professional-grade, super slim horticultural grow light. The energy-saving, full-spectrum LED utilizes advanced phosphor conversion technology to produce white light that is closer to the natural light for your crops. Designed specifically to promote photosynthesis, it is an ideal solution for greenhouse supplemental lighting, seedling and clone propagation, microgreens and vertical farming. Consult us to learn how Triple-Band LEDs can benefit your farm.

Photo courtesy of BLV Licht

BLV top-lighting luminaire

The BLV top-lighting luminaire is optimized for high durability and minimum daylight interception. The open reflector design guarantees optimal lamp performance and easy maintenance. The brand-new luminaire comes with a BLV power supply, which is EMI/EMC compliant and equipped with all necessary safety features. The power supply operates the double-ended BLV HPS and MH lamps of 600 W, 750 W and 1000 W, which are known for their best-in-class PAR values, PAR maintenance and durability, Moreover, more than 70 logs can be read-out wirelessly with a handy device. A simple software adjustment allows easy exchange between power rates and therefore offers a great flexibility and

Photo courtesy of Illumitex

Illumitex PowerHarvest

The PowerHarvest 14 from Illumitex now offers up to 2.2 umol/J and 1300 PPF. The PowerHarvest is a high-power LEDs fixture that maximizes canopy penetration and optimal plant growth from both vegetative and bloom stages. Designed and tested specifically for indoor grow operations, including greenhouses, sole-source facilities, and other CEA applications.

Photo courtesy of PARsource

PARsource Phantom Commercial Double-Ended Light System

The PARsource Phantom Commercial DE Light System is flexible, economical and powerful, and ideal for greenhouse operations. An internal electronic microprocessor allows the ballasts to run at a higher frequency, creating higher lumen output. Choose between open, enclosed or super deep reflector options depending on your specific needs. The system comes in multiple voltages with boost and dimmable options, has smart shut-off technology, and can operate as an attached or remote unit. A premium double-ended Agrosun lamp is included. —