Photos courtesy of Sakata Vegetables

1. Kohlrabi - Quickstar

Quickstar is an early, slow-bolting, small to medium-sized hybrid with dark green, slightly broad leaves. Its smooth bulbs are extremely uniform in size and maturity with a flat-round shape and beautiful pale-green color. This variety is particular excellent for growing outdoors.

2. Cauliflower - Majestic

Majestic is an extremely early, compact cauliflower with approximately 50 days to maturity from transplant — a nice choice for the extra-early market. It features a flat dome-shaped head and excellent uniformity. Plus, this variety has good tolerance to heat.

3. Brussels sprouts - Royal Marvel

Royal Marvel is an extra-early hybrid with wingless, uniform, round-shaped, dark-colored sprouts spaced evenly on the stalk for ease of harvest. This variety has good, early yields and is tolerant to tipburn. It is suitable for fresh and freezer markets and shows good quality after blanching and freezing.

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